• 30"x18" FlatTrash (Board Only)

30"x18" FlatTrash (Board Only)




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All FlatTrash are sold with our standard Hardtop
Hardtops do not include Velcro

FlatTrash PedalBoards will arrive to you with either the underside painted or not painted.
This has to do with the temperament of the wood.
We build these in batches and sometimes we need to paint the bottoms to get the wood to crown right for a flat pedalboard, and sometimes not.
Thanks for your understanding.

For mounting pedals/power supplies on the Hardtops, TTrash recommends our Tour Grade Velcro $6.00Ft
– 30x18 = approx 8ft. needed (Custom Wiring & Acc. Page)
See FAQ’s for install details

Add Power Supply Riser –
(Order Installed or sold as Kit Only for the customer to install) Same Price
Cart = (Installed)
(Kit Only)
If you request the Riser to be installed, Trailer Trash will install in the top Left Corner as seen in the pics
– If you want the Riser installed elsewhere, please call and tell us your request
– ex. You can have it installed in the Right Corner to convert the entire pedalboard/riser for a left-handed player

Watch video for installation instructions.

Available in Black or White to match FlatTrash Boards
8” x 5” Riser fits (1) PedalPower 2+ $20.00
14” x 6” Riser fits (2) PedalPower 2+ - ISO 5 or PP-D $25.00
16” x 7” Riser fits (1) MXR 403 or multiple smaller power supplies $25.00
All Risers are sold with Hardtop Only
TTrash recommends our Tour Grade Velcro 6.00Ft
(Custom Wiring & Acc. Page)

Add Voodoo Lab PP-2+ Installed $175.00 - for Standard 9vdc/12vdc – Line 6 - Boss
Add Voodoo Lab PP-D Installed $140.00 - for Eventide – Strymon – High mA Digital
Add Voodoo Lab ISO 5 Installed $120.00 - for 9vdc -18vdc + High mA 9v or 12vdc
(Custom Wiring & Acc. Page)

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For International Questions/Ordering: Please Email.

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