the legend behind the pedalboards

The Back Story

From the beginning of Trailer Trash Pedalboards®, our goal has been to revolutionize the way players look at their pedalboard. Although most players never calculate the dollar amount they have invested into their pedal collection, it often totals as much as their guitar or amplifier. Keeping this in mind, we've created a product that will not only showcase the player's pedal collection, but also show it off with class, style, and most importantly, perform without annoying buzzes and hums.

We build our pedalboards to handle like an amplifier. You can pick up a Trailer Trash pedalboard with one handle and walk around with it at your hip with no wires hanging. Everything on our pedalboards is hard wired. This allows you to show up at the gig, hook up your guitar, amp, and pedalboard in 60 seconds and be ready to play with a pure, clean signal.

Many people do not think about how important their pedalboard is to their performance. When pro players fly to do dates, they fly with their guitar and pedalboard. The amps are rented, proving what a necessity the pedalboard is. We also believe that your tone is truly in your hands. Pedals are used to alter the sound of the original tone coming from within each player.

Unlike the competition, Trailer Trash Pedalboards is not a group carpenters building wooden boxes. Anyone can build a box. The real trick to building a quality pedalboard is wiring it so it runs quiet.

We are pro players who have knowledge of many of the current effects on the market. We not only design custom one-off pedalboards, but we also design guitar tone for all genres of music.

A rock player's pedalboard can differ drastically from country players' boards, and we understand what it takes to help each player achieve his/her tonal goals.

We feel that we have achieved our goal of revolutionizing pedalboards. We've changed the look, feel, and wiring quality drastically from the old standards that you have seen from other companies. Now, these companies are changing to keep up with the standards that Trailer Trash has set.

So, before you go to the competition, please consider who's building your custom pedalboard; a carpenter, or a seasoned pro guitar player.


James "Rooster" Olson
Designer/Owner of Trailer Trash Pedalboards®


"It's one of those forehead slapping moments.....duh, nobody ever looked at the pedalboard as art before! Guitars are all slick and fancy, amps too, why not the pedalboard! Great looking stuff."

Michael R Fuller, President
Fulltone Musical Products Inc.
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Marina del Rey CA 90292

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